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Orthopedic Surgery

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Dr. Kimball is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with fellowship training in sports medicine and arthroscopy. He also performs total knee and total hip replacements as well as hip resurfacing. Dr. Kimball is actively involved in both national and international teaching on total joint replacement, ACL reconstruction and arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Educational Background

Undergraduate – Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA – B.A., Biology 1981
Medical – George Washington University, Washington, DC – M.D. 1986
Internship – University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL – General Surgical Internship 1986-1988
Residency – University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL – Surgical Residency 1988-1992
Fellowship – Institute for Bone and Joint Disorders, Phoenix, AZ – Bone and Joint Fellowship 1992-1993
Board Certification and Focus

Certifying Body: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Year: 1995
National Board of Medical Examiner: 1986
Qualified Medical Examiner

Scope of Practice
General Orthopaedic surgeon with an area of specialty interest in arthroscopy and sports medicine.

Practice Focus
Arthroscopy / Shoulder / Knee
Sports Medicine
ACL Reconstruction
Adult Hip Reconstruction

Total Hip Arthroplasty
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hip Resurfacing – www.birminghamhipresurfacing.com
Adult Knee Reconstruction

Total Knee Arthroplasty
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Partial Knee Replacement
Adult Shoulder Reconstruction

Total Shoulder Replacement
Partial Shoulder Replacement
Workers’ Compensation / QME

Dr. Kimball’s Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Kimball did an amazing job on my right shoulder rotator cuff repair. I recovered fully and added 100 pounds to my bench press.”
Chris – Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair

“Dr. Kimball is an exceptional surgeon with an eye for detail. The moment I met him, I knew I was in good hands and he has been there for me every step of the way in my return to the sport of Adventure Racing and ultra running.”
Robyn Benincasa – Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR)

Nick’s knee problems started in college when he developed Osgood-Schlatter disease while playing basketball at Florida State University. “Finally, one night I was jumping and was hit front and back. I had both knees in casts at the same time and hobbled around to class for a while,” he recalls. “It got better and I forgot about it, but I switched to the swim team because basketball was too rough.” Nick went on to enjoy a successful career as a commercial pilot. His knees didn’t bother him again until after he retired, about five years ago. He started noticing a lot of discomfort and developed a limp. He wasn’t able to exercise like he wanted to, and could hardly walk to get around. “Really, it was a miserable existence. I tried the usual things, condroitin, gluclosamine, blah blah blah, thinking I could do something naturally to help.” It eventually got so painful that he went to see an orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Kimball said, ‘Nick, you’ve gone about as far as you can. You’ve got to make a choice here.’ So I said, ‘Let’s go for it.’ At ages 67 and 68, in 2007 and 2009, Nick had his left and right knees replaced. “So I’m bionic,” he laughs. Nick remembers that he was out of the recovery room and into his room for only about four hours after his first surgery, when a nurse came by and said “Nick, you’re going to go walking.” He just laughed at her. “Sure enough, I walked from the bed to the door and back a couple times, and was impressed that I was able to do it.” After about four days, he was able to walk on his own with a walker. He was diligent about his physical therapy, supplementing his regular sessions with extra time on the stationary bike and stair stepper, which he feels sped up his recovery. Today, Nick’s able to enjoy walking for exercise again, without pain. He and his wife enjoy walking the man-made islands in San Diego. One of their favorites is across from Lindbergh Field Airport, where the retired pilot can watch the planes coming and going. It’s about a mile from one end of the island to the other, and they walk it a couple times a week. The pair is also heavily involved with volunteer work at their church and in their local community. They work with the area agency on aging, to check up on the welfare of nursing home residents. “Prior to the surgery, I could hardly hobble around to do that.” Now Nick is back out in the homes, without knee pain slowing him down. “I no longer have pain in my knees, and I’m able to be pretty flexible,” reports Nick. He adds, “It’s quite a miracle to me.”
Nick N. – Knee Replacement

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